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  • Why Choose Carolina Digestive Diseases?

    We are the first GI practice in the area to use endoscopic ultrasound to look for certain cancers.




  • I am 45 years old, but I don't have any health issues. Why do I need a colonoscopy?

    The American Cancer Society recommends every person to have a screening colonoscopy at age 45. colon cancer is the third leading diagnosed cancer and also the most easily prevented and treated if detected early. Many times, colon cancer has no symptoms and a colonoscopy allows our doctor to see if any polyps are present. Colon polyps are how colon cancer begins, and our physician is able to remove polyps during a colonoscopy.

  • Can I have a capsule endoscopy, instead of a colonoscopy?

    Unfortunately no, the capsule endoscopy is intended to provide visualization of the small intestines, which is the portion that we cannot access with a scope. Additionally, insurance companies require several prerequisites before they will pay for capsule endoscopy. those prerequisites include both an endoscopy and a colonscopy.

  • Does having a colonoscopy hurt?

    Here at Carolina Digestive Diseases, you will receive deep sedation, which is much more effective with less risks than traditional conscious sedation and anesthesia. this allows you to be completely asleep during the procedure with minimal to no pain sensation, and to wake up feeling alert and rested, without usual grogginess, lethargy and nausea.

  • My parents or siblings have been diagnosed with colon cancer. Do I still have to wait until I am 50 to have a colonoscopy?

    Colonoscopy screening is now recommended to begin as early as age 45


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