Heartburn & Indigestion

Whether you call it indigestion, heartburn, reflux or GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), it’s still a potentially dangerous condition. Left untreated, GERD can lead to painful swallowing, food sticking, ulcers or esophageal cancer. In fact, esophageal cancer is the seventh-leading cause of cancer death worldwide.

If your symptoms are persistent or frequent, GERD could lead to serious complications, putting your overall health at risk. It’s much easier to be evaluated and treated early. As experienced and advanced gastrointestinal specialists, Phillip J. Goldstein, MD and Danielle Hoo-Fatt, MD provide leading-edge care for heartburn, reflux and indigestion. They both are dual board certified and fellowship-trained to offer the most advanced treatments. Instead of letting your indigestion or heartburn get in the way of your life, ask us about state-of-the-art nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments.

What you Should Know About Heartburn and Indigestion

GERD affects an estimated 5-7% of the world’s population, including men, women and children.  GERD is often undiagnosed and its symptoms are misunderstood.  Though generally a treatable disease, GERD can cause serious complications like Barrett’s esophagus if it is not treated properly.  Persistent heartburn is the most frequent but not only symptom of GERD.  The disease may be present even without symptoms.  Heartburn is so common among people that it is often ignored.  All to often, GERD is untreated, self-treated or mistreated.

GERD is a chronic disease.  Treatment is usually continued on a long-term basis, even after your symptoms are under control.  We will help you address issues such as compliance with long-term medication use and daily living adjustments.  We do this though follow-up visits, discussion as well as patient educational materials.

There are various effective treatments for GERD.  These range from lifestyle changes to medications to surgery.  People who suffer from persistent heartburn or other recurring symptoms must seek an accurate diagnosis and work with Dr. Goldstein, MD  or  Dr. Hoo-Fatt, MD for the most advanced effective treatment available.